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Digital solutions to support and empower healthcare teams to provide the best quality care.

What we believe

The Power of Improvement

Professionals, empowered.

Our products enable fast and targeted learning of healthcare professionals. Continuous medical training made for performance improvement.

Hospitals, informed.

Our solutions gather insights on compliance and increase adoption of best-practices and internal protocols.

Patients, safer.

With our analysis and training software, patients are safer and are more likely to receive evidence-based care.

Our Products

Healthcare training meets analytics

Clinical Training & Compliance Analysis
Gather insights on your team compliance with best practices and deliver effective training on internal protocols.
Quick and immersive training
With UpSim teams can train a clinical pathway in a familiar an intuitive interface. No setup, tutorials our pre-study needed.
Individual feedback
An advanced feedback engine delivers specific recommendations to healthcare professionals on how they can reduce their deviations from guidelines.
Compliance analysis
Based on hundreds of datapoint gathered, UpSim provides a detailed snapshot of the overall compliance level in a Hospital.
Management of Training Events & Certification
One-stop-shop for your training events. From registrations to reporting.
Centralized training events
Make accessing to your company training events easier. With UpEvents all your training registrations and reporting are in one place.
Logistics made simple
With UpEvents you get less repetition and full automation on all your training events, from invoicing to e-mailing. So you can focus on what matters.
Learning pathways, tracked
Keep track of all your collaborators training certifications and future events registrations.

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