Where healthcare education meets programming

We are a team of experts in programming and healthcare education

At UpHill we are devoted to create technological solutions that contribute to move health services and Healthcare education forward. UpHill provides consulting services to help institutions build modern learning environments and plan courses to suit current needs for a high quality education.

  • Eduardo Freire Rodrigues
    Eduardo Freire Rodrigues Co-founder, CEO

    MD and User Experience design (UX) passionate. He attended Management and Business Administration at Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics and studied medicine at Faculté de Médecine U. Paris Sud. He has been devoted to UX programming for several years.

  • Duarte Sequeira
    Duarte Sequeira Co-founder

    MD and medical education researcher. Develops its research activity in designing and development of learning medicine software. He works as curriculum developer for setting up a new medical course in Europe and has integrated medical courses accreditation panels in Europe.

  • Luís Patrão
    Luís Patrão Co-Founder

    MD, teacher and researcher. Experience in medical education, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, including e-learning integration, curriculum development and assessment. Has been using simulation in several clinical settings and teaching institutions.

  • Nuno Carapito
    Nuno Carapito Developer

    Computer Science Engineer and Msc Student of Design and Development of Digital Games. Passionate about new tecnologies and how to implement them in medicine

  • David Honório
    David Honório Javascript Developer

    Frontend developer and MSc student of engineering systems and computer engineering. Passionate about pure JavaScript and continuously strives to learn the latest frameworks. He is also interested in user-centered design and developing products that can improve people’s lives.

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